Are You Ready for A Custom-Built Home?

Sounds like a silly question doesn't it?  But is it?  What makes a home "custom"?  Is it the floorplan, the exterior finishes, the flooring, the trim?  The answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE, and more—much, much more.

As a custom home builder, a lot of people come to me starry-eyed thinking they are ready to build a custom home.  But too many times after the dust settles, that is after I have spent two weeks preparing a detailed bid for them and they skip the first 8 pages and go straight to the page with the final cost, it turns out they are really just looking to have someone build them a new house that they can move into as inexpensively as possible.  So what's the difference?  How are they different from any other customer?  

Well, a custom-built home is unique in almost every way.  From the foundation to the roof, nearly everything in-between is defined by the homeowner, and therefore by definition, custom. In fact, Webster defines "custom-built" as "built to individual specifications".  Mike Gepfert Homes doesn't have a book of floor plans to choose from.  Each home we build is new and unique, never duplicating a floor plan or exterior.  A great deal of time is spent before and during the design phase to ensure the finished product is exactly what the owner wants and needs.  The owners are directly and deeply involved in the process right from the start.  The home is designed by a team consisting of the owners, myself and an architect or designer.  From there the owners are busy designing and selecting their cabinetry, picking out flooring, light and plumbing fixtures, wall colors, interior trim and doors, siding and masonry, and a host of other features that when brought together make the home.

We take great pride in crafting some of the finest custom homes in the area.  It is incredibly rewarding to watch a home come together.  But, the greatest reward is watching a homeowner enter their home after we complete a phase - the emotions and expressions are indescribable.  If you are ready to build your custom dream home please give me a call or send me a note using the Contact page.