Creating Custom Waterfront Homes – It’s a Passion

Passion - everybody has at least one. Often times it's what defines us. My passion, at least the one that defines me, is designing and building custom homes. Often times these are waterfront homes, but certainly they are homes that are unique and personalized to each homeowner.

When I meet with clients, I want earn their friendship. I don't want our interaction to be a one-time business transaction. I may only do one project for that client, but that doesn't mean that once that project is over we must cease to interact. Many of my clients are my neighbors - what an awesome opportunity. I make it a point to get to know as much about each client as possible, on a very personal level. That way I can give them a finished home that is unique and personal, a testament to their individuality.

In my opinion, a custom home does not mean that it is the largest, most opulent home on the street. It doesn't mean that it has the most gingerbread on the outside, or the largest and most-ornate interior trim. To me, it's a finished home that is tailored to the owner's lifestyle and needs. It has a personality that mirrors the owner. There are unique attributes of the home that make the owner feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe. Maybe it’s a piece of a former home that we incorporate somewhere in the new design; or a wainscot or paneling that a homeowner grew up with in their grandparents cottage that we duplicate in an office or sitting room. Whatever it may be, it is unique to that owner, which to me takes an ordinary house and makes it a home. My favorite thing to do is take something special that an owner shared with me and incorporate that into the design...without their knowledge when is my "thank-you" for putting their trust in me to build their dream home.