Whether we are remodeling, renovating or crafting a new custom home, Mike Gepfert Homes sweats the small details.  We find that early involvement in the planning and development of a project ultimately saves time and money during the construction phase.  In fact, we prefer to manage the entire process for clients - it takes the burden from them, and we have the contacts and expert resources to bring in as needed to ensure that questions are answered and decisions are made prior to starting construction.

Mike Gepfert Homes utilizes both in-house and outside design, engineering and architectural services, depending on the specific needs of each client. While there is no standard protocol that fits every client situation, we start with an initial "fact-finding" meeting with the client.  This meeting will tell us where the client is in the process, what their overall expectations are, and what their timetable is.  This information and much more is then used to determine which direction to go in terms of planning and design.