That's right, Mike Gepfert Homes does remodeling and additions too.  We are asked about that a lot, and the person asking the question is often surprised by the YES answer.  I think that because we specialize in new custom homes and large renovation projects people feel we don't or won't get involved in smaller jobs, but that is simply not true.  In fact, over the last three years nearly 1/3 of our sales have come from residential remodeling projects.  Generally these are 1-2 room makeovers or room additions, but they have also been 3-car garage and bonus room add-ons.  Whatever the size and scope of the project, my main objective is to have the finished work look as though it has always been there.  This is especially critical on additions.  I don't want it to look like it was manufactured in a factory, delivered on a truck to the site and bolted on the side of the house.  It has to meld with the existing structure or we have failed.