Case Study

Out With the Old, In With the “Almost” New

This story involves two separate projects with one unique solution.

Project 1

The first project was a new custom lakefront home we were asked to quote through a local architect.  That was easy – we needed to submit a proposal for the new home based on the plans and specifications provided to us that met the owner’s needs and budget. Because it was a new construction project, the existing 4-bedroom Cape Cod home would need to be removed.  The owners were working to secure an arrangement with another couple to have the home relocated to their property less than a mile away.

Project 2

The second project was more complicated.  The owners had a small lakefront cottage (same lake) that was not large enough for their growing family, and there were structural concerns.  We spent several months working through scenarios where we would substantially renovate and add onto the existing home, however I had serious concerns about the structural integrity of the existing foundation. 

To completely tear down the home and remove the foundation and start over was not financially feasible. 

The Solution

I was awarded the contract to build the new custom home for Client #1, so plans were in motion for a fall start.  A couple of months before planned construction was to start, the deal to relocate the house fell through, so the house would likely have to be torn down. 

Client #2 had heard about the situation with the house needing to be torn down and inquired if it would fit their lot.  As luck would have it, the Cape Cod was an almost identical footprint to the house they had, and it had a second floor with the additional bedrooms they were seeking.  In a matter of a few short weeks, we began the process of preparing the Cape Cod to be lifted off its foundation and moved to the new site, as well as prepping Client #2’s property for demolition of the existing house and a new foundation to be installed. 

Both projects went very smoothly and ended with satisfied clients.  And by not tearing down the house, more than 35 tons of material were kept out of the landfill.

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